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Before I started working as an escort and sensual massage therapist, I struggled with chronic anxiety and stress. Even though I had my career path figured out, I never felt complete.

That’s when I discovered the fascinating world of massage therapy. With a combination of yoga, Tantric workshops, and massages, I finally able to discover my true passion and get my mind and body right.

Right now, I work as an elite independent escort in Manchester. I love working with men from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as long as they’re between the ages of 25 and 55. Also, I work with couples and you can book me for a sensual massage with your partner.


As an elite independent escort in Manchester, I take my appearance seriously. I do yoga several times a week and I’m a lightly toned size 8. In fact, through yoga, I’ve managed to become fairly flexible and I have loads of stamina so I can keep up with pretty much any client.

What’s more, I have medium blonde hair and blue eyes. Even though I’ve enhanced my breasts to a size 32’’, they still feel soft and natural to the touch. In essence, I like to think that I look more like a yoga instructor or personal trainer rather than a fake, over-the-top stripper or glamour girl.


Most of my clients tell me that I have an extremely soothing and positive personality. Even though I am always chatty and bubbly when with my clients, I am an introvert at heart. Being an introvert has taught me how to listen to others well and figure out what they need and want.

Also, I am really into self-improvement and love talking to my clients about books and movies, rather than reality TV. In fact, some of my favourite subjects to discuss are business, technology, self-development, fitness, and food.

When I’m intimate with a client, I am always sensual and playful. What’s more, I enjoy energetic sex and I kiss like I mean it. I’m open to exploring new positions in bed, as long as both of us are comfortable with them.

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