How to Avoid  Bait and Switch- Beware of Photo Scams!

What is bait and switch? 

Bait and switch is every clients worse nightmare.  It's a term used to describe escorts using someone else's images to represent them.  I've heard plenty of horror stories where gentlemen have had a completely different woman show up for the booking.   And I'm not talking about a few little nips and tucks done on photo shop.  Nope!  I mean an entirely different human being- age, weight, height even nationality!   

If you ever find yourself in a bait and switch situation you have 3 options.

  1. Pay the money and stay - if you're a shy guy you may feel too scared to say anything.
  2. LEG IT!!  -  this is risky because there might be a pimp waiting there to make sure you pay up.
  3. Pay the money and get yourself out of there quickly!  - The safest option.

All three options have a horrific outcome!  If you follow this guide you will learn how to  Avoid Bait & Switch situations. and be confident that you are meeting the girl from the escort advertisement.  

What type escort use bait and switch tactics?

Escort agencies often have lots of women working under the same identity or being represented by the same image on the agency website.  The images they use tend to be overly photo-shopped glamour girl style images.  So, its quite hard to know if the girl you will meet will be the girl in the images. 

Pimp's who control their escorts are notorious for using switch and bait tactics.  All they care about is getting as much money as possible.  If you see stunningly beautiful women, promising you the world and advertised at a low fee, then yes this is too good to be true!   It's likely to be a switch and bait scenario.  

How can I make sure I'm meeting the escort advertised? 

Phone call
Speaking on the phone is so important, It lets you get to know the woman you are going to meet up with and share intimacy with. A quick 5 minute phone will help you decide if she's a friendly person who has your best interests at heart.    

I offer all my new clients the opportunity to have a 15 minute video call with me.  This can be done over SKYPE, Whatapp or FaceTime.  You get to see what I sound and look like- so nasty surprises!    

With escort agencies you organise your appointment with the agency receptionist, and wont get to speak to the escort until you meet in person.   

Chose an independent escort who is professional and reputable

If she has a website, does it look professional and have helpful information?   Bait and switch escorts are after a quick buck, and wont invest time and money on a professional looking website.

Social media

Does she have social media?  If she's regularly posting content, engaging with others on there?  

A lot of escorts use instagram, Twitter to interact with clients and form relationships with others in the industry.  A lot of escorts also have OnlyFans pages.  This is a subscription based social media style platform, where people post exclusive and more intimate images. 

I don't show my face on my website for privacy purposes - but I do post them inside my OnlyFans page.  Alongside lots of other selfies and professional photo shoot images.  

Does she offer Webcam?

Webcam is a great ways to get to know an escort before you meet in person.    A lot of my clients love the fact that they had the chance to get to know me on webcam before we met in person.   They say that it helped put them at ease knowing what to expect, and made meeting me more exciting! 

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