Couples Erotic Massage

I am one of the few sensual massage providers in the North West of England who's services cater to couple's.  I count myself very lucky, because this means I get to meet lots of lovely couple's!  

Some of the couples I've worked with are new to this type of exploration.  They are turned on by the idea of inviting a woman to join them in the bedroom, but aren't ready to live out their fantasy with a threesome.   A sensual erotic massage is a great way  for them to sample  their fantasy in a  tasteful environment without feeling pressured. 

Other couple's have dabbled with this type of exploration by using escort services or visiting swingers clubs.   They often tell me that they have had poor experiences and are looking for a more personable experience.

What is a Couples Erotic Massage?

  • A sensual massage with a climax at the end (optional)
  • A naturist massage (we will all take our clothes off)
  • A body to body massage -  I use my whole body to massage you

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Benefits of a Couples Sensual Massage


Couples often tell me that they've had bad experiences from meeting with escorts.  Saying they felt rushed and their boundaries were not taken into account.   

I always speak to both partners on the phone before a booking takes place.  This is to make sure that both partners know exactly what they want, and have the same expectations.     

  • Sexual exploration - in a safe and none "seedy" environment
  • Spice up your sex life 
  • Explore within your comfort zone
  • A relaxing none pressured way to experiment 

Female Celebration Couples Massage

This massage focuses on the female partner, it's designed for women who are looking to explore their bisexual side.   The male partner can sit back and enjoy the enticing view, or he can join me and help massage his loved one. 

Interactive Couples Massage

This is an interactive massage.   You will take it in turns to get massaged, and you can even massage me! 

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